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The 3 Minute Uplift stays true to its name: it’s just 180 seconds. Yet it may be the most powerful little pocket of time in your entire day.

Think of it as “speed meditation.” Get all of the benefits of longform meditation – the levelheadedness, the surefootedness, the confidence and discipline – but in a tiny fraction of the time.

After your first session, you’ll feel a serenity return to your soul that may have been lacking for years.

After the first week, you’ll start to recognize this calm power as a tool you can call upon anywhere.

And after the first month, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your day and juggled your stressors without it. 

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We Are Living in The Most Stressful Time in History!

75 Three Minute Centering Video Meditations for $74.99

Meet Peter M. Deeley Jr.

The Founder of A Well Run Life will guide you through your 3 Minute Uplift video meditation everyday. 

One member wrote about their experience in The 3 Minute Uplift and said:  "2 days into your program and I feel like I have a friend offering support." 


In this video

you will see

Day #1 of The 3 Minute Uplift

Every moment of every day is focused on everyone around you. This program protects 3 Minutes every day to pause, reflect and grow. Come join us today for this simple, daily reflection program. The video to the right is day #1 of the program.

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Marc S.

My 3 Minute Treat to Myself.

I came to the 3 minute uplift program though my friendship with Peter Deeley. However, like all things Peter, there is always more wisdom, learning and depth than expected and insights to who he is and what he offers us every day.
My intent was to start the day fresh with those 3 minutes. It didn’t work out so I decided to make it part of my “break” during the day. Between emails. after writing, before I closed down screens for the day, after a long phone conference, at whatever time that opened up, I listened and learned and breathed in the good and let out the bad…and I was refreshed, softer, smoother and just better than I was 4 minutes earlier. The topics are varied and all resonate. Often quotes that I jot down to repeat and reflect on. The brief hiatus with guest 3 minute host Ericka, was equally as delightful.
So, this is my treat to myself and especially worthwhile these days as I am home more, in front of screens more and subconsciously tense more. Thanks Pete and all who support you!

Why Join The 3 Minute Uplift vs. All the Other Choices

There are so many great places to develop your interior life. Watch the video to learn why to join The 3 Minute Uplift.

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Deb L.

Just listened to day 2... all about expecting tough times opposing joy.  Thank you.  I feel this daily about my husband's illness.  2 days into your program and I feel like I have a friend offering support.  

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