Where to Buy Bach Flower Remedies?

Where to Buy Bach Flower Remedies? How Do they help?

Nov 09, 2020

Here is a selection we like that is available on Amazon.

How Bach Flower Remedies Can Help You

In a stressful world where we constantly feel overwhelmed, worried, stressed, and anxious, many people struggle with their emotions. Whether you find yourself constantly feeling like you can’t get everything done or you’re feeling anxious all the time, it’s no way to live. Most people just push through it and figure that it’s a normal part of life. But as human beings living this one life, we all deserve to feel joyful, content, and happy with our lives. This isn’t to say that every day is supposed to be bright and cheery, but it does mean that we owe it to ourselves to find solutions if we find our negative emotions taking over more than we’d like.

While a lot of people tend to go on pharmaceutical medications in order to combat things like anxiety and depression and many times that is warranted, there are some people who would prefer to try a less harmful, more holistic approach first. If you haven’t heard of Bach Flower Remedies then keep reading and you might find that you want to give them a try.

What are Bach Flower Remedies? 

If you’ve never heard of Bach Flower Remedies, you might be wondering what they are. Bach Flower Remedies uses a collection of 38 healing flowers to help people work through negative emotions. The way that Bach Flower Remedies are made is that 100% spring water is infused with wildflowers. They are either sun-steeped or boiled with the water and then a grape based brandy is added as a preservative. Bach Flower Remedies are safe for everybody in your family including babies and pets.

How can Bach Flower Remedies help me?

Because we all struggle with negative emotions, it can be hard to work through them on our own. Fear, hatred, indecision, and worry, are just a few of the emotions that most people deal with on a regular basis. According to Dr. Edward Bach, a British Physician, disease can often be a physical manifestation of negative emotions like fear, unhappiness, and worry. Using his knowledge he began to explore nature and found the healing properties of flowers.


 It seems that there is an increasing number of people who suffer from anxiety and that the people who do are getting younger and younger. This is likely due to the increasing pressures, and fast-paced environment, our world is becoming. One of the Bach Remedies that can help you deal with anxiety is Agrimony. 


Most of us have felt feelings of overwhelm at one time or another. In fact, you may find yourself overwhelmed on a daily basis. If you’re feeling like there’s too much to do and you just can’t seem to do it all and it’s bringing out some depression then Elm may be a good Bach Remedy to try. 

Self Confidence

If you find that you’re not a confident person and you really would like to be, Larch may be the right fit for you. It works well for those who lack confidence and don’t feel as good or as capable as other people. You deserve to have confidence in yourself!


Of course, there are plenty more Bach Flower Remedies. In fact, you can get a set of 40 in the Bach Flower Remedy Boxed Practitioner Kit so that you can have a remedy for any situation. Just read through the reviews to see first hand the kinds of positive changes people are experiencing.

Here is a selection we like that is available on Amazon.

Bach Flower Remedy Set of 40 x 10ml Stock Essences. Boxed Practitioner Kit of Traditionally Made Remedies

  • The Complete Boxed Set of Genuine Bach Flower Remedies x 40 (10ml) Stock bottles, traditionally made
  • Flower Essences have been used for over 80 years to help gently address transient emotional problems, naturally
  • The 38 Flower Essences of Dr Edward Bach plus two Comforter Essence (the Five Flower Blend). Made to the traditional and Trusted Methods of Dr Bach - direct from the Mother Tincture 


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