The Modern Revolution Podcast: Natalie Jurado

Jun 21, 2021

Natalie Jurado is the founder of Rooted In, a line of therapeutic magnesium infused moisturizers that actively calm and relax your mood.

She is a sought after thought leader, educator and speaker and has worked at the forefront of the wellness industry for over 8 years. She’s considered an expert in all things magnesium and her mission is to spread awareness of this powerful mineral to all who struggle to live their most vibrant lives. get free shipping and 20% off with code HEALTHY


From Natalie:

Our Story You see, it wasn’t that long ago that I spent most of my days constantly anxious, stressed and overwhelmed. Despite living a healthy lifestyle: eating organic foods, exercising and using healthy products; I was still dealing with health issues. My doctors kept encouraging me to use prescription meds but I was concerned about all the side effects. Instead, I started a journey to heal myself naturally. I literally spent thousands of dollars and years of my life looking for a solution to the crippling anxiety, chronic pain and devastating insomnia that was stopping me from living the life I craved. I started using magnesium daily on my skin and my life changed! I began feeling calm and centered, had crazy energy, slept restfully through the night and felt years younger. I reclaimed my life and I want others to have the same freedom and vitality that I do now. My mission is to share this miracle mineral with the world so they can be their most vibrant, healthy and energetic selves.

-Natalie Founder, Rooted In

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