The Modern Revolution Podcast: Laura Gavigan

Dec 21, 2021

Laura Gavigan, MS 


Laura, owns MindfulMatters585, LLC, in Rochester, New York. Working as an educator for many years, she became interested in how life can inherently create stress, anxiety, and compassion fatigue. Having experienced this burnout firsthand, Laura sought therapy, professional development, and mindful meditation practice to understand the ways stress can lead to burnout and chronic health problems. Ultimately, she learned how to compassionately care for herself and thrive personally and professionally. 

Laura has led introductory and advanced mindful meditation courses for several years. The Mindful Matters team offers coaching, mindfulness classes, guided meditation, therapy, compassion fatigue workshops, as well as reiki and yoga retreats locally in Rochester and internationally. The programs emphasize a mindful approach through insight, practice, and community to help people thrive, rather than survive.

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