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Live happens! Whether expected our unexpected, it happens! Do you find yourself having a hard time finding a way to cope with life when it throws you a curveball? Are you struggling to find strength and courage in the midst of your raging storms? Mischelle O’Neal, founder of Mastering Your Monday, LLC a Lifestyle Enrichment Firm, has written a thought-provoking, encouraging and action-taking guide to help you find the fortitude, core strength and faith needed to push through and forge your way to the other side of managing life.


Coming through trials, battles and challenges in life has a way of reinforcing the truth that we really are stronger than we think. But where does that strength come from? As we take a deep dive into the truths that are hidden in the “Serenity Prayer”, we begin to understand, drawn from the core strength of our faith and become open to nurturing the willingness to “let go.”



On Mischelle O'Neal's book Master Your Monday:

In this no-nonsense entertaining and thought-provoking guide, Mischelle O’Neal, Founder and CEO of Mastering Your Monday LLC, a Lifestyle Enrichment Firm, dishes out 14 easy-to-digest chapters full of insightful stories, relatable guidance and simple exercises to help you: wake up, get out of the bed and out of your way. You learn techniques for identifying old patterns and limiting behavior, and reclaim ownership of your true and powerful self. You won’t want to lose another week drowning in frustration and good intentions. Challenge yourself to live your life FULL OUT! Take control and Master Your Monday and every day!

By the end of Mastering Your Monday, you'll understand just where your control lives, how to embrace ownership and responsibility, how to live on the EDGE of comfortability, and how to use your time and skills to create doable solutions.

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Master Your Monday

I'll Make it Through When All Hell Breaks Loose

I'll Make It Through: Work Journal


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