The Connect and Nourish Series: Kristal Denise Garcia

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Hello and welcome! My name is Kristal Denise Garcia, I am a Self Love Coach and Transformational Speaker. I am the founder of Open Hearts Unite which promotes unity, sovereignty, and freedom through Self Love Activism. I am Bi-lingual [English/Spanish Fluent].I work with individuals who are survivors and support detoxing from limiting beliefs and moving into self loving beliefs. I also provide Self Love Coaching to organizations and businesses who want to make a difference in the productivity of their company through the accelerated joy of their employees.

I am a thriving survivor of physical/psychological/sexual abuse and trauma including covert sex trafficking incorrectly labeled ‘sex work’, PTSD and homelessness. I was also a foster care child. I remember having a very difficult time loving myself because life did not seem to love me, or so I thought. Loving myself felt like a fantasy, something I did not deserve and could only experience by watching others, surely I couldn’t embody such love. I watched those who loved themselves, like a child with her nose pressed against a Christmas window witnessing magic beyond my grasp. But Self Love is not magic and it’s not beyond our grasp, it exists right now in this moment within each of us simply waiting for us to embrace ourselves and remember.

As a Self Love Coach I am here as a guide into your own remembering. You are the leader of your own journey of recovery, I am the temporary support as you build your own muscle and unique expression in the art of Self Love Activism.

Self Love Activism is the most powerful form of activism, because when we love ourselves, we choose a life present to possibility!

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