The Connect and Nourish Series: Laura Bauman

Aug 06, 2020

Laura Baumann is a yoga and meditation teacher from The Netherlands, currently living in Florida with her spouse and 5 y/o daughter.

As a child she had a big passion for ballet dance and attended a semi-professional ballet school. Due to the mental and physical pressure she experienced anxiety and had eating disorders.

Yoga helped her overcome this. In 2011, she started to teach yoga in Europe. When she became a mom, she took a break. Meanwhile her personal daily self-care routine with yoga, meditation and mindset work helped her with daily challenges. She decided to teach yoga online. 

Now she helps moms and mom-preneurs (mothers who are entrepreneurs) overcome stress and find balance with family and work. Yoga, meditation and mindset work are her specialty tools to relieve stress, feel renewed and thrive!


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