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Apr 07, 2020

Do you have people in your life that would benefit from protecting 3 minutes a day for themselves?

We want to connect with you and ask you to be a force for peace in the world.

Perhaps you are connected to fellow yoga practitioners, maybe a spiritual community or maybe just a group of people who are like-minded in search of a simple tool to help them connect to themselves.

The way it works is:

1. You sign up at this link.

2. You promote the program to the people you feel would benefit from protecting 3 minutes a day for reflection and meditation.

3. You receive a 20% referral fee for everyone that signs up through your unique link.

Thank you for helping us spread the word! 

See our philosophy of health and wellness in this blog post.

Feel connected and nourished.

Just a few minutes with us a day will have a transformative effect on your health and happiness.

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