Introducing Guest Leader: Tesha Smith

Dec 06, 2021

After sustaining sciatica and a bulging disc in my back, resulting from multiple car accidents within the span of two years, I found myself battling pain and depression. Yoga helped relieve the pain and led me to a greater respect and appreciation for the spiritual side of it. I began my journey with Sound Healing two and half years ago after leaving a toxic and emotionally abusive relationship. I was suffering from high levels of

 anxiety and depression. I was right on the brink of taking antidepressants when I decided to look up holistic remedies for anxiety. I found singing bowls and have been so blessed to share the amazing healing benefits with others. My passion and purpose is to use movement, meditation and Sound to help others relax, rejuvenate and restore their highest vibration. I help others reach that goal through yoga, breathwork and Sound baths. 


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