The Connect and Nourish Series: Jennifer Locke

body mind spirit meditation fastest ways to improve yourself how to do meditation for better sleep meditation for opening your mind meditation videos for positive energy motivational video when u feel alone silent meditation at home wakeup and feel positive Aug 19, 2020
We're all worthy to tell our stories.
Would-be authors have many beliefs that prevent them from writing. "I'm not good enough;" "I don't have the right degree;" "My subject is too boring," etc. Yet if you're willing to write a're worthy! No outside qualifier will ever make you "good enough." Even professional writers struggle with feelings of worthiness--all the time. The trick is to move forward in spite of those voices--the more we're engaged with the work, the quieter those voices become.
Writing is energizing
Writing is so much better than not writing! Whenever I'm engaged in a creative project, it creates its own current of energy in my life. I feel happier. The quicker we can move past our negative voices and limiting beliefs, the better--we want to get to the other side, where all the fun is.
Anyone can write a book
I believe that anyone can write a book, though no one "should" ("should" never has any part of book-writing). Whether you choose to have a ghostwriter package your story, or you write all the words yourself...writing a book is a practice of consistency. Books are written with a slow and steady hand; just keep showing up, and you'll get there. It really is as simple as that.
Sharing Your Story Allows You to Connect
We've all found ourselves in the words of another author, sharing honestly and vulnerably. Aren't we so glad that author chose to sit down and write, despite their fears? We give others the gift of being seen when we share ourselves on the page. 

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