The Connect and Nourish Series: Jen Bilger

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"Technology and tools can keep the process on track, but even the coolest app is no match for the ability to effectively balance work and life, without letting either suffer. The problem is most people don’t have the skills or confidence to run a successful, well-managed business.

This is where The Growth Coach can help. The Growth Coach is a global executive training and business effectiveness company. We have experience creating customized training solutions which build organizational capability and improve the individual skills necessary to grow a profitable business. The Growth Coach’s approach is highly collaborative, with a focus on enabling the right activity and effective processes at every stage of your business’s growth.

To help you achieve your goals, we partner with you to develop a culture of continuous learning that drives sustained improved performance. We equip your organization with the proper skills through our time-proven Strategic Mindset System which combines assessment, customized solutions, individual training, and integrated performance support tools to sustain and reinforce learning."

Jen Bilger

The Growth Coach Denver Metro

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