10 Minutes On Why We Made The 3 Minute Uplift

Nov 06, 2020
We think of you holistically. ❤️ 💪 🧠 🙏
Watch the video above to learn why we created these classes.

Here are additional links to learn more about us:

1. Our Handmade Charms are found at A Well Run Life Gear.com And you can see the video about why we make those charms here. 

2. You can find the Facebook page to our project Grace Farms here. We lost the lease in Spring of 2020, but we hope to be able to buy land in the future to relocate Grace Farms.

The intent of these classes is to begin the transformation required for optimal health. 

  • You have a body and must attend to your physical health.
  • You have eating habits and must address how you nourish yourself.
  • You need to move and must protect your ability to move comfortably throughout your day - now and forever.
  • You have a spiritual life and your spirit needs to be nurtured as well.

We built these courses to address your needs in all these areas.  

Here are the classes as the are priced individually

In this all access pass, you will have access to:

1. The 3 Minute Uplift's 75 Video Meditations: $74.99

2. Beginner At Home Workout Program: 12 Core Workouts to Lessen Joint Pain With Kristen Mills! $29.99

3. The Body Restoration Project: 10 day Detox: $14.99

4. 10 Steps to Making Change Happen in your Life: $19.99

5. Making Change Stick: $9.99

6. 12 Month Subscription to The Charm of the Month Program: $239.88

Total Value: $383.83

Total Cost: $249.99

As you can see, the cost of getting a new handmade charm every month is $179, so really I am asking you to pitch-in $20 for the entire catalog of courses.

When you join the program, look for an e-mail (immediately) from me with your log-in credentials. It may land in your Junk/ Spam folder. If you have any trouble at all, please contact me at [email protected]

Purchase access here.

Feel connected and nourished.

Just a few minutes with us a day will have a transformative effect on your health and happiness.

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