About Us

May 25, 2020

Peter M. Deeley Jr. created The 3 Minute Uplift to give people a tool to save a little time everyday to turn their focus inward.  The persistent return to the breath is central to his notion of living a calmer and more focused life.

He lives in Chandler, AZ. Married to Naturopathic physician Dr. Maggie Garvin, they have a blended family of 5 children.

A Well Run Life's handmade charms are tools to help people stay lovingly connected to their loved ones. 9000+ people have sent them as gifts to those they care most about. You can learn more about why A Well Run Life creates these works of art here. 

His project Grace Farms seeks to connect people to the best in local food by hosting amazing farm-to-table Pop-Up dinners. You can see a video of one of these dinners here. 

His podcast  - A Well Run Life - contains 100+ reflections on his life. You can find that podcast here. And, you can listen to his interview-styled podcast where he talks to farmer and restauranteur Oren Molovinski here.

His audiobook, The Leadership Miracle, is a cross between a poem and an essay. It is available as an audiobook here - as is his first audiobook A Quiet Murmuration found here.

As a health coach, he gives away a digital guide called Save Yourself! Do This. available here.

We look forward to you joining us.

Remember: Breathe in the good stuff. Breathe out the bad stuff.

Feel connected and nourished.

Just a few minutes with us a day will have a transformative effect on your health and happiness.

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