The 3 Minute Uplift by A Well Run Life

My name is Peter Deeley Jr. founder of A Well Run Life and creator of The 3 Minute Uplift.

I help people feel connected and nourished. Since 2014, we have touched 1000’s of lives.

In all of our short videos we move you along your journey towards your healthiest and strongest self!

I promise that investing just a few minutes with us a day will have a transformative effect on your health and happiness.

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Peter M. Deeley Jr.

Founder of A Well Run Life and Creator of The 3 Minute Uplift

Who Do I Help?

Spoiler Alert: It May Be You!


Are you taking time for yourself?

Do you need a way to pause, nourish your spirit and grow? Peter Deeley Jr., Founder of A Well Run Life, invites you to take your time and join The 3 Minute Uplift.


3 minutes is also how long it takes to cultivate a calmer, stronger SELF. 🙏

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"My 3 Minute Treat to Myself. I came to the 3 minute uplift program though my friendship with Peter Deeley. However, like all things Peter, there is always more wisdom, learning and depth than expected and insights to who he is and what he offers us every day. My intent was to start the day fresh with those 3 minutes. It didn’t work out so I decided to make it part of my “break” during the day. Between emails. after writing, before I closed down screens for the day, after a long phone conference, at whatever time that opened up, I listened and learned and breathed in the good and let out the bad…and I was refreshed, softer, smoother and just better than I was 4 minutes earlier. The topics are varied and all resonate. Often quotes that I jot down to repeat and reflect on. The brief hiatus with guest 3 minute host Ericka, was equally as delightful. So, this is my treat to myself and especially worthwhile these days as I am home more, in front of screens more and subconsciously tense more. Thanks Pete and all who support you!"

Marc S.

Special Guest: Ericka Brian

Author of Pause, Shift and Refresh: Seven Arts of Establishing Harmonious Oneness. Ericka offers seven meditations to help you achieve a Harmonious Oneness.

"Just listened to day 2... all about expecting tough times opposing joy. Thank you. I feel this daily about my husband's illness. 2 days into your program and I feel like I have a friend offering support. "

Deb L.

Take Your Time Everyday

Join now to carve out a small part of the day to focus on yourself. Reflect on something new. 3 minutes is also how long it takes to cultivate a calmer, stronger SELF. 🙏


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