The 3 Minute Uplift by A Well Run Life

This is a daily program to reflect on what's most important in life.

A chance to pause, nourish and grow.

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Are you taking time for yourself?

Do you need a way to pause, nourish your spirit and grow? Peter Deeley Jr., Founder of A Well Run Life, invites you to take your time and join The 3 Minute Uplift.


Pause. Nourish. Grow.

You Need A Chance to Pause

If we constantly live under the "tyranny of the urgent," then we never have a chance to pause and breathe in the Good Stuff.

When We Pause We Nourish Ourselves

We grow in the moments of rest, not when we are moving 100 miles per-hour.

When We Are Well Nourished - We Grow

It is true everywhere in nature: growth happens when we properly nourish ourselves.  When we are well nourished we become the healthiest, strongest, best versions of ourselves.

Sustain Yourself

To be healthy, you need the right nourishment.

Take Just a Little Time for Yourself

Everyday is so crowded. Protect a tiny bit of time for yourself.

Take Your Time Everyday

Join now to carve out a small part of the day to focus on yourself. Reflect on something new. Grow a little stronger, clearer, healthier.


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